No Fear!

I have but one opponent. And it is Fear. You motivate me. You drive me. You elevate me. You define me. With fear, I am fearless …

I have not commented on the financial markets or the world in general for almost a year. And for good reasons as there is nothing much to opine in a world without fear. Governments and Central Banks around the world have provided a back-stop and safety net … but only to those capitalists and people or entities that are ‘too big to fail’. Anybody with capital and assets will be better off today if their starting point was from the financial crisis in 2008 when Quantitative Easing started with various bail-out initiatives called by different monikers. Everybody else who relied upon continued employment and income with little or no capital and assets will be worse off since.

However, there is some shift I sense and it could be the beginning stir of the winds of change. Every government and Central Banker around the world do not really know what to do from here. They are all as clueless as you and me as to the underlying state of their economies and also in any economic projections 6-months to 12-months out that can direct their actions. In a just-in-time manufacturing world with various degrees of in-sourcing and out-sourcing, we unfortunately have seen Central Banks and governments reaching a ‘just-in-time” policy action framework as well.

There will be interesting times and opportunities just ahead now. I am back.


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