How many screens do you need?


This dude beats me hands down. Mrs Asianmacro thought my 12 screens set-up was already an overkill, wait till I show her this!

Once upon a time, except for the CEO of the investment bank who does not even need a PC as everything is screened & read out to him by his assistants. The sign of how important a trader was lies in the number of screens & where he/she sat in the dealing room. Only the BSD (*whether he has a screen each to play youtube, PC games instead of actual price/data stream does not matter) sat in prime real estate right in the middle of the dealing room with the minions spread out into the ‘suburbs’ with their miserable 2 – 4 screens standard set-up.  Anyway supposed trading heads in banks or hedge fund honcho with only 1 – 2 screens have either gone managerial full-time or achieved nirvana like Warren Buffet where he just buys and hold forever.

Over the years, through trial & error, Asianmacro has found that 8 – 12 screens work best as everything will be within peripheral eye-ball view of about 140 degrees. Anything more becomes bragging rights … anything less, you probably need many minions to monitor & execute on your behalf.


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