Asia morning brief: Thu 28 April 2016

Good morning, Fed remained sufficiently dovish while “leaving the door open for June rate hike” but removed language that “global economic & financial developments continue to pose risks”. It might be that the Fed just wants higher stock & asset prices with high employment .. having the cake & eating it as all asset markets are back almost to their highs where Fed can’t say that they are concerned with risk of market plunge & downside now, Facebook earnings surprised to upside with strong ad-growth that saw after market spike +9% With BOJ meeting decision today, what further expanded ETF purchase, negative rates & out-of-box stimulus will be forthcoming Where a minute is a life time these days, the algo machines might ramp $/JPY to 113-115 on friendly stimulus headlines with NKY to 17800-18000 in running stops., that are excellent levels to place limit sell orders in both. It’s always darkest before dawn & brightest before dusk .. the markets are tested on that now


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